Sari Sosa Events

meet Sari Sosa

Some people are born with the ability to sing, others with the ability to dance, some to paint; I was born to plan events.

There are few things that bring me more joy than seeing one of my events come to fruition. Not only do I enjoy the design and organizational aspect of bringing everything together, but the emotional component of being part of such a special and unforgettable day in people’s lives is by far the best part of what I do. I am fortunate to combine my background in Business Administration along with my innate organizational skill and nurturing positive attitude to all my events. I take every event personally as if it were my very own. I not only apply my expertise and experience, but most importantly I pour my heart into all my projects. After ten years and over 250 events, I still wake up every day loving what I do and passionate about making my clients’ dream day a reality.